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Oopsie Heroes, a self-powered bedwetting alarm

Oopsie Heroes, a self-powered bedwetting alarm


Team info

Daan Matthijsse

The challenge

About 12% of all 5-10 year-olds suffer from bed-wetting. These children suffer emotionally and physically (embarrassment, disturbed night rest, skin rash due to the long exposure to urine). Parents spend hundreds of dollars on diapers per year, which is also bad for the environment. They also suffer the inconvenience of changing sheets and washing and cleaning in the middle of the night, which disrupts their sleep. Bedwetting alarms are currently the golden standard. They help parents dealing with bedwetting and help train children to stop bed-wetting. However, current solutions are bulky, not child-friendly or too expensive.

The solution

Oopsie Heroes is a self-powered (by energy harvesting) and user-friendly bedwetting alarm sensor, which is small and comfortable. The sensor will not use any batteries since it will be powered by an electrochemical energy harvesting reaction between two metals and the urine which functions as an electrolyte. It will be the first and only self-powered bedwetting alarm in the world. With this new sensor we strive to: - Eliminate the harmful wireless signals (e.g. Bluetooth) and use sound for it instead - Self-power the sensor by energy harvesting and fully replace the batteries - Improve the user comfort by making the sensor much smaller than current bed wetting alarms - Improve the user experience by designing a child friendly interaction with a carefully designed wake up experience. By using Oopsie Heroes for 6-12 weeks, the child will be free from nighttime accidents and waking up dry.



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