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Luc Tissingh

The challenge

Going to the Alps for a holiday is the highlight of the year for many people. Flying down the mountains on a ski or snowboard is a magical feeling. In order to go down the mountain however, one has to go up first. The latter usually takes a lot longer, partly due to large waiting lines at the lift stations. Reducing the waiting time has a positive impact on the overall experience of a winter holiday.

The solution

The Alpinize system measures the size of the line through a sensor system. This can for example be done by processing a camera feed, which is already present at most modern lift stations. Other options, such as wifi-tracking, are also to be explored. Based on the size of the line, skiers receive real-time recommendations on which slope to take through signs along the piste in order to reduce the waiting time as much as possible. The signs display the size of the line on a scale from 1 to 5 (e.g. by lit-up green dots) and shows the number of a recommended slope that skiers can take. Additionally, a route adviser app can be created which creates an optimal route for skiers even before going up the mountain. The Alpinizer system distributes all skiers in an efficient way over all slopes in the resort and the experienced waiting time is minimized for everyone.


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