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Oh Crap: I Gut My Future

Oh Crap: I Gut My Future


Team info

Sam Kragtwijk
Clarissa Schmitt

The challenge

Preventive healthcare is defined as the healthcare that you can receive to prevent illnesses or diseases. It includes services like counseling, wellness visits, screenings etc. The right preventive care can help anyone at every stage of their lives to stay healthy and avoid or delay the onset of diseases. Despite knowing this often people go without needed preventive care. When looking at the developing society, it is noticeable that environmental problems have gone up at an alarming rate. As the decisions the society globally makes isn’t in favor of protecting the planet. Currently the healthcare system focuses on analyzing and diagnosing a certain disease, and not on preventing an illness. This is mainly due to the fact that preventive healthcare isn’t seen as lucrative for companies. Marketers must convince consumers to change their lifestyle, the challenge is to design creative interventions that persuade consumers to embrace healthy lifestyles. Thus the challenge in the product lays in how to design something which would be provocative enough to challenge the way how the (western) society thinks about preventive healthcare.

The solution

‘Oh crap: I gut my future’ attempts to make people aware of why preventive healthcare is important and how we can learn to work together with nature and our body itself. This is done by focusing on developing an ideal gut flora for a baby which lays the foundation for a successful life, by looking at the gut flora of idols.


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