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Hey Uni!

Hey Uni!


Team info

Asaf Kedem
Bram Mulders

The challenge

To students: do you wish your university-related questions were answered more quickly? To staff: do you wish you didn't have to answer the same simple question many times and, instead, spend that time on more intricate workings? ----------------------------- A lot of universities in the Netherlands are growing too quickly for comfort. As a result, student affairs departments have a sizeable increase in incoming emails every year. New staff is hired, but they still can’t keep up with the crazy amount of emails they receive.

The solution

Hey Uni! is a cohesive automated message analyser that can respond to questions to student affairs departments before it reaches their inbox. This reduces the workload for staff so they can focus on truly intricate queries and the quality of education in general, and makes it more efficient for students to receive answers. By 2020, we plan on becoming a general virtual university assistant that knows everything about your study progress and can answer any query you have.


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