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Pressure-Sensitive Keyboards

Pressure-Sensitive Keyboards


Team info

Kayle Knops
Bob van der Meulen

The challenge

Computer keyboards are ubiquitous in offices and homes, yet the capabilities of keyboards have not changed significantly over the last few decades. New groundbreaking functionality could be added to them if it were possible for software to register how far down key switches are pressed instead of sensing only a single actuation point. For instance, this could be used to make movements in a videogame at variable speeds and to create more efficient spell checker algorithms for professional use. An interesting use case that could be made with pressure-sensitive keyboards, could be using AI to correlate human emotion to the pressure exercised on keyswitches to foster a healthier work-life relationship.

The solution

We made a functioning prototype that is capable of this by using inductive sensors. This a cost effective and scalable method that has not been implemented in a keyboard as of yet. The best part is that only a small change on the PCB of a normal keyboard is required to make this work. All other aspects, such as the mechanical keyswitches used and the manufacturing process do not have to be changed at all. There already are several use cases for analog keyboards readily available. By improving this technology and getting to the point of manufacturing marketable pressure-sensitive keyboards, we can even create more software solutions that make use of pressure-sensitive keyboards. Visit our website for more info: https://www.alltrons.com



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