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Upprinting Food

Upprinting Food


Team info

Elzelinde van Doleweerd
Vita Broeken

The challenge

Worldwide 1/3th of all food is wasted. And restaurants in the Netherlands collectively create 55 million kilograms of food each year. Which has financial consequences for the restaurants. But it also has environmental consequences, since food production and recycling costs a lot of energy, and food recycling (and rotting) produces methane. Lastly, 1 in 8 people do not have sufficient food to be healthy, so food waste is also an ethical important topic.

The solution

With Upprinting Food we use 3D-printing to solve this problem for restaurants. By blending and combining the different ingredients from residual food flows, pastes are created, which then are being 3D printed by a food printer. These prints are baked and dehydrated for crunch and longevity. We currently have created several recipes, both bread and rice based, and we are working to create new recipes all the time. We are focusing on collaborations with high-end restaurants to help them reuse their residual food flows and to create an unique dining experience.



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