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Rehab Buddy

Rehab Buddy


Team info

Ivo Leon

The challenge

Tackling inefficiency and difficulties in the rehabilitation after injuries, with a focus on treatment at a (physical) therapist and the rehabilitation process within a home context.

The solution

The Rehab Buddy's functionality can be split intro three parts, first of all the triggering of the patient to perform the exercises given to him/her by the therapist. Secondly it will guide the patient through the exercises by providing a list of exercises that need to be performed and add functionalities like a timer will guide the patient through the exercises. Lastly the activation of the Rehab Buddy will be recorded and linked back to the therapist to give insight into the amounts of times the exercise is performed and possible skips. The therapist can then use this information to adjust the speed of the rehabilitation process or the amount of exercises to better fit the user and make the process more efficient.


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