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Maik Nothbaum

The challenge

Visually imparied and blind (VIP/B) face various difficulties throughout the day. There are many aids for navigation, which focus on sensing the environment. All of them focus mainly on sensing, but not on the feedback mechanisms, which are essential for the experience. This forces VIP/B to have a collection of devices and apps, which all require different ways of interactions and provide a broad range of feedback mechanisms.

The solution

The mission of 'aware' is to improve the quality of life for VIP/B by focusing on the feedback solutions of navigational sensor technology. A wearable device provides a communication platform for the user, which offers a centralized interaction. Instead of having a 'one-user one-sensor' we would offer a multiple sensor platform on which you can buy additional spacial information or other sensors depending on the individual need. First the customer buys the platform then he/she is able to use it with the smartphone with navigational apps. In order to get more spacial information there is an option to buy additional spacial information from IOT enviornments or to buy additional hardware which contain the sensors needed



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