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Project Shackage

Project Shackage


Team info

Yahya Haourigui
Ali Tugay Gunbay
Donny Luu
Abdelghafour Yaagoubi

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We need someone who has the skill to develop an application Contact us

The challenge

In business to customer deliveries companies often are faced with the customer being absent. Usually the package is delivered to a neighbor, thus further complicating the delivery process. To cope with this companies have started to use pick-up points. However, these pick-up points have a limited capacity, are maintaining their own opening hours and their location may be unsuitable for the customer. With growing amounts of deliveries every year, and major problems during holidays, the delivery processes seem insufficient.

The solution

We believe that by creating a platform wherein we connect people that can receive packages, so-called Flexpoints, with people that need to receive packages, we can create smart and sustainable sharing environments.


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