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Team info

Sven Arends
Santiago Princ
Sara Vestergaard Jensen

The challenge

The United Nations’ (Food and Agriculture Organisation) has predicted that the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050, and it has been predicted that in order to maintain the consumption trends currently being displayed by society, the world will need to produce 50–70% more food. This problematic goes beyond a simple scaling problem, as both the available space for food production inland, as well as the bio-resources which would be needed for such endeavor are limited. Seaweed could be the solution to this problem, which is rich in nutrients and cheap to produce, and it could replace carbon-intensive foods on menus everywhere. However, seaweed farms are now small-scale and often restricted to the areas near the coast. In order to feed the world, there is a need for upscaling and moving further into the ocean. With the scaling up of the production, management and monitoring of the farms are becoming more time consuming and more expensive.

The solution

SpaceSea solves this problem by providing: * remote farm monitoring * analysis tools * predictive environmental models. This decreases risk and cost as well as optimizes the seaweed production. More specifically, we make use of the satellite imagery to monitor water temperature, algae development, currents holding nutritional value for the crops, crop status & growth for only the fraction of the time and cost that are currently needed. This application will be essential in scaling up seaweed production and enables farmers to feed the world!



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